Mini Specialist Repairs

Mini Power Steering Pumps

£425 Inc. VAT and Free fitting. The First generation Mini’s have an electronic power steering pump which does make some noise, especially at slow speeds or when parking when you’re probably turning the steering to full lock. Although the Mini’s power steering pump has gained a bit of a reputation for failure, the noise is not necessarily anything to worry about. If the Mini power steering becomes heavy, if it is intermittently cutting out, or a lot noisier then there may be a problem.

We can fit a new unit for £425 Inc. VAT with your old unit taken in exchange.  This is a fraction of the price of one from the Main dealer and it comes complete with a 12 months guarantee.  We carry these units in stock along with the correct grade power steering fluid, so can offer a drive in service and will have you back on the road in 90 minutes.

Symptoms to look out for include:

  • Noisy power steering pump
  • Intermittent or Complete loss of power steering
  • If left long enough the steering motor/pump can overheat

Please call Gary direct on 01553 828701 or click here to get booked in!

Mini Convertible Roof Repairs

  • Mini Convertible Roof not opening
  • Mini Convertible Roof cables broken
  • Mini Convertible Roof Opening one side
  • Mini Convertible Roof Faulty
  • Mini Convertible Roof not retracting

Norfolk Cars have the knowledge to diagnose and replace broken Roof Cables. There is no easy fix for these, the cables cannot be repaired successfully. We fit the latest modified cable kit that differs in design to the original parts. This is a labour intensive job and we will require the car for one day, it involves stripping the roof down, removing and replacing the cables, rebuilding, and resetting the mechanism.

Courtesy Car is available or Enjoy a free round of Golf at the Golf centre next door.

Free Diagnosis and fixed cost repair of £999 inc vat, save ££’s on main dealer costs.

Please call Gary direct on 01553 828701 or click here to get booked in!

Mini Timing Chain Tensioners

Often referred to as the ‘Death Rattle’ the Mini timing chain tensioners can fail and cause the timing chains to stretch and become noisy.  It is a common issue on the R56 Mini Cooper S models from 2006 to 2010 and JCW models from 2008 to 2012 with the N14 engine.  It is slightly less common on the earlier R53 Cooper S models, but unusual for the other models to experience this issue.  This item is always checked on our sales cars, and service cars.

It is important to rectify this issue as soon as possible because the damage it can cause will only become more severe and costly.

Early Symptoms include:
Rattle from the engine, which is more prominent at cold start, in more severe conditions it can sound like a diesel engine.

If caught early enough this can be rectified with a new and revised timing chain tensioner, however if left too long it will require a new tensioner, timing chain and guides.  Norfolk Cars have fitted many timing chain swaps over the years, and have the necessary tools and experience to carry out this job efficiently.

Replace Timing Chain Tensioner only £139 inc VAT
Replace Timing Chain Tensioner, Chain, & Guides £655 inc VAT

MINI Thermostat Housing

The second Generation R56 petrol models can suffer from leaking Thermostat housing.  This item is always checked on our sales cars, and service cars.

Symptoms include:
Loss of coolant, engine cooling fan running more frequently, puddle of water laying on top of the gearbox housing.

We always keep new Thermostat housings in stock and can replace yours whilst you wait for £220 inc VAT.

MINI High Pressure Fuel Pump

The R56 Mini Cooper S and JCW models can suffer from High Pressure fuel pump failure.  This can be difficult to diagnose for a non-specialist garage.

Symptoms include:
Difficulty to start from cold, Cutting out from cold start, Spluttering engine when cold, Engine dying and going into limp home mode.

We stock genuine MINI High Pressure Fuel pumps. We can run a diagnostics check to confirm the part failure, and can supply and fit the new HPFP from £599 inc VAT

De-Coke Service for Mini Cooper S / JCW N14 engine

A Walnut shell blasting service to de-coke the Valves and cylinder head of the engine.

The N14 Cooper S / JCW Turbo charged engine uses direct injection for better economy and performance. However a side effect of this is a build up of carbon around the Valves and cylinder head of the engine. The build up of carbon cannot be avoided, and leaving it may cause a drop in performance or Super knocking codes within the ECU.

£240 Inc. VAT

Engine De Coking from Norkolk Cars N14 Mini Engine Servicing