Company Overview

Norfolk Cars is a Limited company, it was established in 2004; the company is run by the two directors:

Neal Clarke – Responsible for the sales & marketing.

Available on 01553 600334 or

Neal Norfolk cars

Gary Papworth – Responsible for the car preparation, servicing, & repairs.

Available on 01553 828701 or

Neal Norfolk cars

We are ‘Dynamic Internet Mini Retailers’ – We retail Mini’s via the Internet, we operate from a farm in rural Norfolk with very low overheads.  Our prices track the most competitive Internet prices and will fluctuate on a weekly basis (sometimes increasing, sometimes decreasing) so that we can ensure that the Mini’s we sell always represent great value.

We operate a ‘By Appointment’ service – We are very professional in our sales environment, we like to allocate sufficient time to enable a thorough inspection and test drive of the car.

Relaxed environment – We like to think that our car buying process is both unique and pleasurable.  We provide a comfortable and relaxed environment in which you can make an informed decision.
Be Prepared – We are!  We spend time and money ensuring the cars we sell are of the highest quality.  They are fully inspected by Gary to ensure everything works like it should, and the car is serviced up to date.  We never cut any corners in preparation, the cars are all prepared and ready to go!

We believe in offering the 4 P’s –
Price – We have to price our cars correctly; operating via the Internet is very competitive so we have to ensure that all of our cars are keenly priced
Product – We Specialise in Mini’s because it is a great product with fantastic customer loyalty.  We also retail other marques that meet our high standards of preparation.
Presentation – Our cars are all quality checked and cleaned ready to view.  They are kept undercover and presented in first class retail condition
People – We are friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable people and happy to assist in any way we can to help make the car buying process a pleasure


Fixed pricing – Yes, unfortunately there is no haggling here!  Selling fully prepared cars at competitive prices is always a challenge, but with limited overheads we can work from much smaller margins.  By fixing our prices it also eliminates the uncomfortable haggling associated with old fashion car dealers!  If our cars are overpriced you would not be on our website…

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