BMW Mini Power Steering Pump Replacement

£295 + VAT and Free fitting. The First generation Mini’s have an electronic power steering pump which does make some noise, especially at slow speeds or when parking when you’re probably turning the steering to full lock. Although the Mini’s power steering pump has gained a bit of a reputation for failure, the noise is not necessarily anything to worry about. If the Mini power steering becomes heavy, if it is intermittently cutting out, or a lot noisier then there may be a problem.

We can fit a fully rebuilt and tested unit for £295 + VAT. These units use higher quality components than standard thus eradicating the original design flaw – your steering pump/motor will also run much quieter and draw far less current once the rebuild is complete so will extend the overall life of your motor, this is a fraction of the price of one from the dealer and has a longer warranty than a new unit. The quality of these items is so good that we can offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY. The price is based upon your old unit being in a re-buildable condition, if the old terminals are corroded beyond repair (usually because of water ingress) then we are unable to rebuild the pump and a £150 surcharge will be required. We carry these units in stock so can offer a drive in service and will have you back on the road in 90 minutes.

Symptoms to look out for include:

  • Noisy power steering pump
  • Intermitent or Complete loss of power steering
  • If left long enough the steering motor/pump can overheat

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